How we began…..

The Comox Valley Harbour Authority  was incorporated  in 1991, in response to Fisheries and Oceans, Small Craft Harbours Branch  initiative to bring local community management to the publicly-owned Commercial Fishing Harbours on the BC coast.

The Comox Valley Harbour Authority is a federal  not-for-profit corporation. Six representatives on our volunteer board are elected from our home port Commercial Fishing Fleet and the three community members are appointed by the City of Courtenay, the Town of Comox, and the Komok’s First Nations.

The Board of Directors is reponsible to operate, manage and maintain the public commercial fishing Harbours of the Comox Valley known as the Comox Fisherman’s Wharf and the Courtenay Slough.

We still retain the familiar red railings that used to designate us as a Government Dock. 


121 Port Augusta Street,

Comox, British Columbia, V9M 3N8

Phone 250-339-6041

(Fax 250-339-6057)

Monitoring VHF Channel 66A

Comox Valley Harbour Authority Mission:

To operate, maintain, and manage a public fishing harbour, with services and facilities designed to allow opportunities to further enhance the economic stability of the harbour. 

  1. The first priority is to provide safe and affordable moorage, and services to the local commercial fishing fleet.
  2.  The second priority is to seek opportunities to enhance the existing facility that will ensure the long term economic, social, and environmental viability of the harbour.
  3. The third priority is to seek partnerships in creating marine (or tourism related) enterprises that increase the financial stability of the Comox Valley Harbour Authority, and therefore create opportunities to meet the needs of the entire community.

……Comox Valley Harbour Authority Board of Directors  May 1998

For further information please contact us!  Join us for some fun while at the Comox Harbour Marina – come to the Nautical Days Festival, Bullhead Derby and Filberg Festival on the B.C. Day weekend in August. ( B.C. Day Weekend always incorporates the first Monday in August)

History of Comox Harbour

The GrapplerComox Harbour for centuries has provided shelter for ocean travelers and marine explorers. It has been known by many names, but it was best known as “THE LAND OF PLENTY” by the local Komoux natives, who lived here for centuries before European explorers arrived. Read more history