How we began: The Comox Valley Harbour Authority was incorporated in 1991, in response to Fisheries and Oceans, Small Craft Harbours Branch initiative to bring local community management to the publicly owned Commercial Fishing Harbours on the BC coast. The Comox Valley Harbour Authority is a federal not-for-profit corporation.

The Board of Directors is responsible to operate, manage and maintain the public commercial fishing Harbours of the Comox Valley known as the Comox Fisherman’s Wharf and the Courtenay Slough.

Comox Valley Harbour Authority Mission:

To operate, maintain, and manage a public fishing harbour, with services and facilities designed to allow opportunities to further enhance the economic stability of the harbour.

1. The first priority is to provide safe and affordable moorage, and services to the local commercial fishing fleet.
2. The second priority is to seek opportunities to enhance the existing facility that will ensure the long term economic, social, and environmental viability of the harbour.
3. The third priority is to seek partnerships in creating marine (or tourism related) enterprises that increase the financial stability of the Comox Valley Harbour Authority, and therefore create opportunities to meet the needs of the entire community.

For further information please contact us!  Join us for some fun while in Comox – come to the Nautical Days Festival, Bullhead Derby and Filberg Festival on the B.C. Day weekend in August.

Fisherman’s Wharf at the Comox Harbour

The Comox Fisherman’s Wharf is a community, with plenty to see or do. Mingle with friendly locals, chat with fishermen getting their boats in order, , or just stroll the walkway on top of the breakwater for a fabulous view of the Comox docks, Comox Bay, or the Comox glacier. There is always lots going on.

From before written history “Comox” has meant ‘Place of Abundance’ to the natives that roamed the British Columbia coast. As Vancouver Island was settled and cultivated by European settlers, this became even more true. The Comox Valley’s ocean, farms, mountains, and rivers give great diversity to anyone’s visit. Today, the classic wooden boats, the multitude of fishing boats, and the friendly co-existence of pleasure and commercial boat owners on the Comox marina dock are a part of our marine history and working heritage.

The docks serve not only the fishermen from Comox and the surrounding area, but also other commercial boats, local sailors, yachtsmen, and other pleasure boat users. 

In summer months the Comox Harbour commercial fish boats travel to their BC fishing grounds and leave open docks for transient vessels passing by Vancouver Island.