Comox Fisherman’s Wharf

The Comox Fisherman’s Wharf (other names are Comox Fishermen’s Wharf, Fishermens Docks, Comox Harbour Marina, Comox Harbour Fisherman’s Marina) is a community in itself, with plenty to see or do. Mingle with friendly locals, chat with fishermen getting their boats in order, offer to become a fisherman/fisher, or just stroll the new walkway on top of the breakwater for a fabulous view of the Comox docks, wharfhead, Comox Bay, or the Comox glacier. There is always lots going on.

From before written history “Comox” has meant ‘Place of Abundance’ to the natives that roamed the British Columbia coast. As Vancouver Island was settled and cultivated by European settlers, this became even more true. The Comox Valley’s ocean, farms, mountains, and rivers give great diversity to anyone’s visit. Today, the classic wooden boats, the multitude of fishing boats, and the friendly co-existence of pleasure and commercial boat owners on the Comox marina dock are a part of our marine history and working heritage.

The docks serve not only the fishermen from Comox and the surrounding area, but also other commercial boats (e.g. tugs), local sailors, yachtsmen, and other pleasure boat users. Sometimes the docks are referred to Comox Fisherman’s Wharf, and sometimes as the Comox Harbour Marina as a result.

In summer months the Comox Harbour commercial fish boats travel to their BC fishing grounds and leave open docks at the marina for transient vessels passing by Vancouver Island.

Come in and meet the friendly crew at the Comox Harbour Fisherman’s Wharf’s office and get to know us!