Buy fish and seafood direct from the fishermen at the Comox Valley Harbour Authority! When the fishing boats come in, it’s time to feast on the large variety of species available from the cool ocean waters of British Columbia. Common species sold at Fisherman Wharf include a variety of salmon, tuna, shrimp, cod, halibut, lingcod, and prawns. Come down and support our local fishermen and purchase wild seafood fresh off the boat, there’s nothing better than that!

The Dockside Sales area is located on the cross floats on the east side of the Harbour at the bottom of the ramp. Permit parking requirements will be waived during seafood sales hours only. Please park in designated parking stalls.

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Seafood Buying Tips

High quality fresh seafood is a great addition to healthy living.  Buying fresh off the boat and direct from the people that just caught it ensures  that the product is of the highest quality.  Shrimp, Prawns, Halibut, Cod, Salmon and Tuna are available in season.  Vessels sell out quickly so make sure you come down early!

For salmon tips please visit the BC Salmon Marketing website:

Tol lean more about more types of fish, check out this great resource:


Buying Shrimp and Prawns

Here are some useful purchasing tips for shrimp and prawns. Remember these for the next time you head down to the harbour!

Appearance: There should be no black spots or patches on shrimp, except between roughly the beginning of June and the end of September every year. During this time, shrimp will have a black spot on the back of their heads which is their egg sac and the phenomenon is perfectly normal and safe to eat! The meat, however, should never have black spots at any time of the year. The shells of raw shrimp may be orange, pinkish or light pink. When cooked, the shell turns red and the meat takes on a similar reddish tint.

Be Careful! Look out for headed shrimp, some people remove the heads to hide things like the onset of deterioration (black heads) and heavy bacterial activity from poor washing and handling practices.

Touch: Flesh should be firmly textured, not “squishy”.

Smell: Shrimp should have a mild odor.

Shrimp and prawns are delicious and you can find them fresh down at the Fisherman’s Wharf, we will see you there.

    CVHA Fish Sales Directive

    There is a high demand for fresh off the boat product in the Comox Valley.  Out of town vessels are welcome to participate.  Call the office at 250-339-6041 prior to coming in to ensure that space is available. We can post your catch on our website and emails are sent out to all those that have signed up for updates to the Daily Catch newsletter.